Early morning pre-wedding fluff.
~500 words
In my head it kind of goes with this.

Kurt woke to cold toes pressed against his shins. He could feel the slight chill of the apartment air on his face and neck, but everything submerged under the blanket was closely wrapped around Sebastian, the heat of their bodies mixing and broken only by the point where Sebastian had frustratingly tried to warm his feet.

Kurt swore, untangling his arms from where they were wrapped around Sebastian and shoving him away slightly.

“Kuuurt,” Sebastian whined, wiggling back into Kurt’s hold, who only protested for a second before wrapping his arms around Sebastian once more, burrowing his face into Sebastian’s neck. He winced and groaned when the freezing toes pressed against his skin again, but didn’t pull away. The rest of him was cozy enough to stick it through. “Toes are cold. Wouldn’t want them falling off or anything,” Sebastian justified. “I do have an aisle to walk down today, you know.”

“Yes, heaven forbid you lose your toes. I don’t want to marry a crippled person. I can hear it now: Kurt, bring me this. Kurt, get me that. The whining would be insufferable.”

“Would not,” Sebastian pouted. “I’m very independent and self-reliant. But regardless, would you still want to marry me if I was crippled?”

“Mmhmm,” Kurt hummed into Sebastian’s neck, tracing the freckles there with his lips, pressing against each one with a kiss.  

“What if I gained three hundred pounds?”

“Of course,” Kurt replied. “But I’d probably put you on Weight Watchers. I’d still need you to keep up with me in bed, after all.” Sebastian chuckled, humming in agreement.

He turned himself around in Kurt’s arms so they were facing each other, reaching a hand forward to trace Kurt’s grin, brilliant in the morning light filtering through their curtains. The room was silent for a few moments while they watched each other with half-lidded eyes, still in the process of waking fully.

“What if…I lost my hearing?” Sebastian asked softly, his hand dropping to rest on Kurt’s cheek.

“Then I would hear for you,” Kurt replied simply.

“What if I went blind?”

“I would see for you.”

“What if I lost my memory and you had to remind me every day who you were?”

“You know, you’re fighting a losing battle here,” Kurt told him, the edges of his lips turning upward and Sebastian traced over the little wrinkles on Kurt’s face from the smile. “There’s a reason our love is called unconditional.” Kurt wrapped his arm against Sebastian’s side, scooting them until everywhere from their toes to chests to noses were pressed together.

Kurt skimmed his lips across Sebastian’s, a barely-there kiss, which Sebastian responded to by flinging a leg over Kurt’s hip, drawing them impossibly closer and pressing their lips together with a soft sigh. His hand slid to Kurt’s waist, fingers pressing against the delicate skin before he dragged them upwards, disappearing under the fabric to trace along Kurt’s ribs before moving to cradle his back.

“I would hardly count this as losing.”

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