Kurt shares a concern of his with Sebastian a week before their wedding.
~550 words

"I need to have a serious discussion with you."

This is not exactly what you want to hear a week before your wedding, Sebastian thought as he turned to find Kurt struggling with shopping bags in the entry hall of their apartment.

He hopped up from the couch to assist. “And what is this serious discussion about?” Sebastian asked, hopefully masking the anxiety creeping through his veins. Since they had officially gotten together, Sebastian had been waiting. He was waiting to Kurt to find something, some reason they wouldn’t work out. He knew from the moment he admitted to himself that he loved Kurt there was no going back, and he became increasingly terrified that all of their little bickering would turn into something malicious, or the tiny annoyances they put up with around each other would snowball into repugnant qualities.

"About the wedding," Kurt replied.


So much for any shred of optimism that remained in his head.

"You’re kind of scaring me, Kurt. We already went through the ‘bachelor party serious discussion’ a week ago and came out pretty much unscathed. What’s wrong?"

"What? Oh, nothing’s wrong," Kurt assured him. "I promise," he added to soothe Sebastian’s still-concerned expression.

"Then what is this serious discussion that you came in looking all…well, serious about?"

"Well, I want you to take it seriously. That’s why I’m all…whatever you think I am right now. There’s the issue of the…cake."

A beat passed before, “The cake?” Sebastian asked, thoroughly confused at this point. “We picked out the cake months ago. Well, you picked it out. I just helped taste-testing flavors.”

"I know that. It’s just…there’s the ceremonial first bite of cake at the reception."

"And…?" Sebastian prompted when Kurt didn’t elaborate.

"You have to promise me—on your life, on my life—that you will not smash that cake in my face," Kurt said firmly and Sebastian couldn’t help but burst out in laughter at his expression. Kurt drew his lips down in an unappreciative frown.

"Babe." Sebastian began, finally sobering. "Do you really think that after three years of being together I wouldn’t know that I can’t smash cake on your face, no matter how joyous the occasion? Besides, you love cake too much for it to go anywhere but your mouth." Kurt’s lips pursed in a small pout, which Sebastian took advantage of, pressing his lips on his fiancé’s with an audible smack.

"So you promise you won’t put food anywhere but my mouth?"

"I promise," Sebastian swore. "Well, at least at the ceremony. Later that night, however, I have some plans with whipped cream and chocolate body drizzle," Sebastian added with a smirk.

"You are…ridiculous. And adorable."

"Just adorable? I would’ve thought the image of me licking whipped cream and chocolate off of every inch of your body would mean I’d get something more than just ‘adorable.’"

"Okay, fine. But you are adorable. And sexy." Kurt punctuated with a kiss. "And gorgeous." Kiss. “And amazing.” Kiss. “And loving.” Kiss. “And awesome in bed.” Kiss.

"Mhmm. That’s why you’re marrying me."

"Yep, that last one really sealed the deal. And, you know, there’s the fact that I’m madly in love with you."

"And that’s why I’m marrying you,” Sebastian told him. “Because the feeling is most definitely mutual.”

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